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Crystal Salt

Holistic Health Hub
The Epcot Center for Holistic y

     The Holistic Health Hub is the wave of the future for in home health services, retreats and holistic community. 

Services offered at Holistic Health Hub-

Blood Lab (Study your cells together)- Stem Cell (Exasomes)-  PRP (Vampire Facials)-  Bio Mechanical Stimulation (Full body Vibration)-  Photo Medicine (Photo Lasers)- Ozone Oxygen Therapies (Blood, insufflation, sauna, facial steam)-  Stem cell anti aging patches (Lifewave)-  Nutrition VS Diet (Live food Vs Dead fillers)- TESLA Coil (Ozone/electricity treatment)-  Alkalized Structured Water (Kangen Structure H20)-  Intention Writings (Word Magic)-  Sacred Geometry Training (Vibration/Shape Course)-  Reiki (Energy Healing)- Massage-  G5 Vibration (Body Contour)-  Kundalini Yoga (belly dance)-  Ancient Breath Work (Ding Li Mei)-  Herb-biology (Plant info)-  Ceremony's (Cocoa, Earth Medicine)-  Cupping- Yoga 



    Travel to centers that vibrate your soul!

    Super Health Food

    Contact Elysia Ashley
    Retreat Director

    Email:  Tel: 760-702-6353

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