Team Nation Vibration is a team of advanced therapist providing health      and wellness.  These arts we promote work with the (EMF) electric magnetic field tuning the electrical frequency in our biology.  We thrive on the Earth's energy points pumping high vibrations into the locations we conduct our retreats, so come vibrate on the vortexes magnified to heal your soul.

Here we offer-

Stem Cell-  Exasomes-  PRP-  Bio Mechanical Stimulation-  Light Beam Therapies  Oxygen Therapies-  Stem cell anti aging patches-  Nutrition VS Diet TESLA Coils-  Alkalized Structured Water-  Intention Writings-  Sacred Geometry-  Reiki- Massage-  G5 Vibration-  Kundalini Yoga-  Ancient Breath Work-  Tai Chi Herb-biology-  Ceremony's-  Cupping-  Belly Dance



Travel to centers that vibrate your soul!


Contact Elysia Ashley

Retreat and Spa Director

Email:  Tel: 760-702-6353